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                              PARTY CRITICIALS
Two skills exist in ZombieMUD that have to do with partying exclusively. They
are the skills 'Leadership' and 'Battle tactics'. Leadership is available in 
every guild, while Battle tactics is available for most melee fighting classes.

Battle tactics teaches its master to lead with greater talent, where as 
Leadership is important for both those who lead and those who are led. It is 
therefore good to have 'Leadership' even if you are not the leader of a party.

Parties of 2 people or more who possess these skills, are upon occasion able 
to score party criticals. These can happen with any attack, both skills and
spells are able to cause them. The damage of an attack that scores a party
critical is far larger than usually. 

These criticals simulate the way your group functions as a trained whole
that is able to master even complex strategies and to execute them 
flawlessly. The damage type of the party criticals is the same as the
original attack's.

Several modifications have been done to the party critical system to make
partying even more tempting to select groups of people, who can often have
a harder time forming parties than others. These bonuses are listed below:

1) Newbies get party criticals even if their 'Leadership' skill is trained
   is not trained very high.
2) Parties with a lot of newbies and parties with otherwise low average 
   levels score more criticals than parties with higher level people.
3) A system of 'night bonus' exists in ZombieMUD. Since the night times of
   EET timezone have traditionally been a lot more quiet than our primetime,
   it has been harder to form successful parties during the night. The night
   bonus system gives a bonus to party criticals when the amount of players
   in ZombieMUD drops well below the average. Although named "night bonus",
   this bonus can activate itself at any moment when there are a lot fewer
   people around to form parties with. You can see the current level of 
   the bonus by typing the command: 'night_bonus'.

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