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Newbie Guide, Advanced - Combat: Parrying & doding 

Fighters may parry and dodge melee hits done by monsters with the skills 
'parry' and 'dodge'. 

Dodging happens automatically and is affected primarily by your 
character's carried weight and dexterity. 

Parrying on the other hand can be set to either offensive or defensive 
mode. You can use the commnand 'parry' to set your current parry level. 
'parry 51' will put you to maximum defensive mode, which means your 
character will focus on parrying hits rather than scoring hits. 'parry 
0' will focus on scoring hits. You can specify any number between 0 and 

Parrying without a shield will divide your defence factor by three. 

To set parry, you must have the skill 'parry' trained. 

Memebers of certain guilds can even reflect skills aside, or tumble and 
avoid spells completely. 

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