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     T H E    P A N T H E O N    O F   Z O M B I E M U D
         Aquaris      goddess of water and life          
         Belinik          god of earth, lightning and war
         Kirvana      goddess of fire and destruction    
         Mordiggian       god of the dead
         Mortos           god of evil and darkness       
         Silvain      goddess of goodness and light      
         Teros            god of plagues and entropy     
         Xellios          god of nature, wind and the hunt    

  There are eight Great Gods who preside over the realm of
  Zombie. Beneath them in rank are the Patron Saints and
  still lower, the Small Gods. Shrines to every deity in the
  entire land can be found within the Church of All Gods in
  ZombieCity. Various other shrines and altars dedicated to
  specific celestial beings can be found when exploring the
  realm. Should you wish to know more about each God, seek
  out Brother Maynard in the Church of All Gods, and he will
  be glad to guide you further.
See also 'guild cleric'.

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