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Descending from Wizardhood (Re-morting).

It is not the policy or the aim of ZombieMUD adminstration to favor those
who have ascended to immortality to become mortals again. However, it's 
clear that wizzing is a big step for anyone, especially for a very 
experienced player who has grown fond of his/her character. To make those
who would do well as wizards atleast consider the option of becoming one,
a ladder system for re-morting has been installed. 

The amount of levels one has gained as a wizard has a dramatic effect on
the percentage of previous mortal experience returned to the descending
wizard. This is due to the fact that those who have actually bettered this
game deserve a more reasonable deal, even upon failure, than those who have 

The percentages go as follows:

 Wizard level:     Percentage of mortal experience returned:
 =============	   ==========================================
    91-94                              10%
    95-99			       25%
   100-109		               40%
   110-119			       50%
   120-129			       60%
   130-149			       80%
   Archwizard			      100%

Final note: 
Most wizards who have risen to high levels have found out that 
in their opinion wizardhood is far more fun than what it was to
be a mortal. This system exists to give those mortals with talent
but doubts about wizzing an insurance of being rewarded for their
work. Not for any other purpose.   

See also: 'wizzing', 'wizards'.

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