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Newbie Guide, Combat - Killing: Spells 

Casting spells works just like using skills. You can cast an offensive 
spell at a monster by typing 'cast <spellname> at <monster>'. Casting a 
spell requires you to have enough spell points available. 

Typing 'help spell <spellname>' will give you details about a spell. 

Spellcasting can take several rounds. For some spells the duration can 
be random. 

A spell's effectiveness is based on your stats, spell percent and 
knowledge of other spells or skills the spell being casted might be 
dependent on. 

All spells can fail. The lower the spell percent, the higher chance it 
will fail. Even spells over 100% can fail at times. 

You can stop casting by typing 'cast stop'. Also moving around will 
break your casting attempt. 

Spellcasting can be interrupted in various ways, such as stunning, 
spells or other specials. 

When you possess enough knowledge of a spell, you can 'try' to cast it 
faster. Respectively, you can 'try' to cast a spell with lower percent 
slower. Fast spellcasting will reduce the chance of successful cast, 
while slower will increase it. 

Spells deal damage of different types. Usually the type is described in 
the spell's help text. See more on resistances and damage types in the 
Advanced topics section. 

Spellcasting does not affect your stamina and vice versa. 

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