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Newbie Guide, Combat - Killing: Skills 

Offensive skills can be used against monsters to harm them. Skills vary 
from newbie skills such as 'kick' to complex skills such as archery. 
Certain types of skills require certain types of weapons, i.e., you can 
not 'slash' with a weapon of type blugeon. 

To use an offensive skill against a monster, e.g. 'kick', type 'use kick 
at <monster>'. If you are already in combat, it will suffice to type 
'use kick', and you will automatically target the current opponent with 
your skill. 

Typing 'help skill <skillname>' will show you details of the skill. 

Skill usage can take several rounds depending on the skill and your 
skill percent. For some skills the duration can be random. 

A skill's effectiveness is based on your stats. You can see the 
affecting attributes in the skill help. 

Often a skill's effectiveness is also based on other skills. For 
instance, the sword skill 'slash' will gain effectiveness if its user 
has knowledge of the skills 'bladed fury' and 'whirlwind slash'. 

All skills can fail. The lower the skill percent, the higher chance it 
will fail. Even skills over 100% can fail at times. 

You can stop a skill usage by typing 'cast stop'. Also moving around 
will break you skill attempt. 

Skill usage can be interrupted in various ways, such as stunning, or 
spells and other specials. 

The damage type of skills is usually dependent on the weapon you are 
wielding. See more on damage types and resistances in the Advanced 
topics section. 

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