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Help Newbie Helpers

In the curious world of Zombiemud, there are players who have obtained
the status of a 'Newbie Helper'. Those players who have gained the 
honoured status are bunch of players who You can ask any questions 
regarding the functionality, community, rules or anything else inside 

Those players who have obtained the 'Newbie Helper'-status are trusted
players who will give low level players (newbies) guidance through the
rough first days. Those players should, and will act kindly towards 
newbies. Misleading information will not be the information You will
get from them. Though, some things are not to be asked, nor should they
be told. Learning things by Yourself is encouraged. The helpers will
support You with the knowledge they have gained throughout the years
of playing Zombiemud. They will guide You.

How one may become a Newbie Helper?

  At the entrance of the Great Temple, there is a machine where players
  can sign up for the task to become a Newbie Helper. Remember your 
  responsibility when You obtain the status of a Newbie Helper. Your
  Newbie Helper-status will be revoked IF You give false information to

  At the same place, You can see a list of the players, who has obtained
  the position of a Newbie Helper and give your respect to someone,
  whose contribution to helping You to get started, who has been in your
  opinion a worthy of Your respect.   

Why to become a Newbie Helper?

  The players who have earned the status of a Newbie Helper, are highly 
  respected among the players of Zombiemud. Those Newbie Helpers who have 
  proven themselves in the eyes of the Wizards of Zombiemud might get 
  rewarded for their honourable acts towards making Zombiemud a better 
  place for newbies!

How to identify a Newbie Helper?

  All registered Newbie Helpers have a special title in their finger
  information stating their status as Newbie Helper, and their level
  of respect as seen by players. For example:
    "He is a beginner Newbie Helper"

  In addition, all Newbie Helpers have a special title after their name 
  when they speak on the channel 'newbie' for quick identification. 
  For example:
    "Anonymous (helper) <newbie>: Hi" 

  You can also use "who helper" to find all currently logged in Newbie 
  Helpers. Furthermore, these Newbie Helpers have special brackets around 
  their level on the 'who'-listing. For example:
    "#105# Anonymous"
Who to contact in case of problems, questions or ideas?

  Any active archwizard.  

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