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Newbie Guide, Combat - Killing: Fatigue

Various actions in battle -skills of type attack, melee, dodge, parry and 
tumble- will drain your stamina and induce fatigue. Each of these actions has
its own staminacost, and if you look at the helps of the various skills that are
of type attack, you can see an attribute "Fatigue:" indicating its cost.

The costs of these actions are affected by various attributes, most notably by
dexterity and size: a low dexterity may increase the costs while a high 
dexterity reduces them, and a size that is greater than medium increases the
costs. The weapon used may also have an effect for better or for worse. In
general two-handed weapons induce more fatigue than one-handed weapons, as do
those that reduce the wielder's chance to hit as opposed to increasing it.

These costs are from highest to lowest:
    Very high
    Very low

As you become more and more fatigued, your effectiveness in combat is hindered 
in a multitude of ways:
    * The damage of skills and melee is reduced.
    * Parrying, dodging and tumbling becomes more difficult.
    * The rate of stamina regeneration is reduced.
    * All staminacosts are increased.
    * Ability to resist stun is reduced.

Should you stay relatively rested, these hindrances remain negligible but will
become progressively more pronounced as you become more tired.

You can see your current fatigue by typing 'fatigue' or 'score'. You can also
have fatigue automatically reported by typing 'set report_fatigue on'.

The states of fatigue are, in order of severity:
    Fully rested
    Almost fully rested
    A bit tired
    Very tired

The amount of stamina you have is determined by your constitution and can be
augmented with some items. Some races also have either bonuses or banes.
Stamina regenerates between battles by a set percentage which is largely
unaffected by your attributes but can be augmented with some skills and spells.

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