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                    -=[ Welcome to ZombieMUD ]=-

You can re-read this file at any time with a cmd 'help newbie condensed'

NOTE: This file is a condensed version of the information you can
find in greater detail by typing 'help topics' and reading the items
listed under 'newbie-guide'.

Here is some general information to get you started on ZombieMUD.  Read
through this for lots of information and then if you have questions or
problems try the "newbie" channel or ask a player directly.

Character Setup:
Help Command:
 'help topics' shows all the available topics.
 'help <topic name>' shows a specific help page.

First Things First:
 Lets start by getting yourself comfortable with a few things.  First,
 check 'help term' and change it to what you would like.  Then maybe
 check the following help files:  channels, brief, tell, wimpy, friends,
 alias, and command for starters.  This will get you started on setting
 yourself up. 
 On your first login, you will automatically be connected to a channel 
 called 'newbie'. It is a channel for beginner players and for more 
 experienced players who wish to help 'newbies'. You can send your 
 comment or question to the channel by typing: newbie <message>

 for example:
 newbie Hello, I'm new in here.
 would appear as:
 (your name) [newbie]: Hello, I'm new in here.
 You can replay information from this channel by typing 'last newbie'.

Levels and Guilds:
 As you gain levels in the game by advancing in the Adventure Guild, you
 may also gain a level in your guild.  Guild levels are divided as follows:

 Maximum guild levels:

 Primary Guild: 45 levels
 Sub Guilds   : 15 levels (total)

 Most of the guilds have their own way of arranging the sub levels. Some
 have for example 5+10 levels while some might have only one sub of 15
 levels or even two subs of 10 levels of which you can choose total of 15

 NOTE: You don't have to take sub levels at all if you don't want. You can
 create a level 45/45 Fighter/Mage for instance or even level 30/30/30
 Fighter/Mage/Healer if you want but in many guilds the real power is
 hidden in the sub guilds and they are usually well worth to take.

 What this means is you really have two sets of levels, your adventure level
 and your guild level. When you have enough experience to gain a level in
 the adventure guild you go up one adventure level.  You must then attain
 enough experience to gain a guild level. You will get used to this very

 At any time you may see what your spells are by typing 'spells'.  You
 learn your spells in your guild or guilds. They will give you more
 information on how in the guild's training room.  For help on how to use
 spells check the help on 'spellcasting'.  Additional help on specific
 spells may be found by using 'help spell <spell name>'.

 You can also see the cost of studying spells with 'estimate study <spell
 name>' and percentages you can study them at each level with 'info spell
 <spell name>'.

 Skills are very similar to spells in the way that you may list your
 skills at any time by typing 'skills'.  Also you learn these in your guild
 or guilds.  And that you may find more information on a specific skill by
 using 'help skill <skill name>'.  The way you use your skills is as

   use skill <at target>
   use 'skill' <target>
   some examples: use 'camping'
                  use 'kick' harry
                  use camping
                  use kick at harry

 You can also see the cost of training skills with 'estimate train skill
 <skill name> and percentages you can train them at each level with 'info
 skill <skill name>.

Zombie City:
 You start at the Church in the city.  You may go north to the Baker,
 east to go on a street in the city, or enter to go inside the church.
 I suggest you go one east and type 'map'.  This is a map of the city,
 you may get this at anytime as long as you are in the city and are not
 inside a store.  The ( ) in the middle of the map is Central Square or
 CS.  Almost everyone will give you directions from there.  So make sure
 you visit it and learn the rest of the city.  BTW: once you move one east
 from the church you will be located at the crossing of Vatikan and
 Oriental Avenue.  Check the map and make sure you find yourself from it.
 You are in the spot marked with big X. There might also be other symbols
 inside the O marks in the city, like p which means 'player'.

Gaining and spending experience:
 Experience is generally gained by killing monsters.  You spend it on
 either training, studying or advancing levels.  Training/studying is
 done in your guild(s), while (as previously stated) advancing levels
 is done in the adventurer's guild.

 Death sucks.  But lets face it, in the act of mudding, it's bound to
 happen.  Most likely in the process of trying to kill monsters.  When
 you die you have two choices, pray at the altar in the church, or find
 a cleric to resurrect you.  When you are dead you may not use the tell
 command so ask on the 'mud' channel using 'channel send mud <your
 message here>' for a cleric to come resurrect you or find one from the
 city by first checking 'who Cleric' and then moving to popular loitering
 places of Cleric's like Tinker and Cyndre (two most common places) and
 using 'whisper <player name> <your message here>'. If you are a member of
 a race that has light allergy you might die again after being resurrect
 so remember to whisper to Cleric and ask for Darkness spell to be cast
 first. Usually Cleric's just resurrect you without checking what race you
 belong so it is your job to tell the Cleric what they need to know.

 If you can find a Cleric you will only lose 50% of you unspent
 experience.  If you have to pray you will lose 75%. You will also lose 1%
 of your total worth (total exp earned in whole MUD career) or max 200k
 which ever is smaller. Also when you pray you are given a scar.  You can
 see this by looking at yourself. 
 If you are forced to pray, try to get your scars removed by someone
 in the game. As a matter of fact, try to avoid having scars on you as
 being scarred drastically increases the chance that you will lose an 
 entire level if you pray.

 Many Clerics who are good and not too busy usually perform resurrection, 
 heal and scar remove (even if the last spell is a bit costly in terms of 
 sp cost). It is a good to get to good terms with the Clerics by atleast 
 saying 'thank you'. It has been known to speed up the process in the 
 future :)

 NOTE:  Do not spam the mud channel asking for a resurrect, everyone hates a
 spammer. Usually once every 5 minutes is enough. We all understand that
 people hate to spend their time being dead but asking to be ressed on
 public channel every second is a way to get people pissed
 and pray you instead.
 ALSO: If you are dead and have equipment on, it is safe to type quit and
 relogin in order to return to city. Your eq will not be lost, and it will
 be returned to you once your body has been restored.

Getting started:
 To start we should go spend the 100,000 starter experience that you have
 on you.  Type 'score' to see it.  You should have read this entire file
 before starting.  What you need to do is get a mix of levels, skills and
 spells.  Generally about level 4-6 is a good level to start.  Then you
 should advance to level 4-6 in your guild and spend the remainder of your
 experience on skills and/or spells. At first, train/study only those that
 you think are essential and if you still have experience left, advance
 some more in the adv-guild/guild and train/study more.

 Important places and a few areas to start with:

 Church                 (starting location) a place to 'pray' in if you
                        happen to die and cannot find a cleric to resurrect
 Adventurers' guild     (2e,s from church) advance your 'adventurer level'.
 Buju, the Navigator    (east from church) He will teleport you to your
 			guild, as well as provide a gift and an area portal
 			for the youngest of players.
 Armoury                (4e,2s,1e from church) A shop to buy/sell armour.
 Weaponsmith            (5e,1s from church)    A shop to buy/sell weapons.
 General store          (4e,2s,1w from church) A shop to buy/sell misc goods.

 NOTE: For a detailed list of Newbie Areas to kill monster in, read the
       file 'help newbie areas'.

 For a lot of others just start exploring the world around the city.

A Few Hints:
  -For finding people in a certain guild, type who <Guild>', make sure you
   capitalize the name of the guild.  This will give you all the primary
   guild members.  If you use a lower case letter, you will get everyone in
   the guild even if they just have one level.

  -Be nice to people, say please and thank you.  Especially to those of
   higher level that have helped you.

  -Don't be afraid of a few deaths when starting out, especially with no
   experience on you.  With a low amount of unspent experience use the
   chance to explore a little.

  -Don't loiter in the Central Square (CS) as it is the starting place of
   few nasty events and also a place where bored higbies idle.

Be sure to check the official ZombieMUD www pages at:
They contain a wealth of information not only for newbies, but long time
players as well.

Original Infopage by Rapscallion@ZombieMUD
Edited '98 by Zarch
Edited '03 by Melkpak

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