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Help Newbie Commands, Newbie Guide

Typing 'cmds' will give you a list of basic commands available 
to you as a player. Some of the most helpful to newbies are
listed below:

Informative Commands:
	help - Probably the most important command in the game.
	 who - Who is on the game now. 'help who'
      finger - Gives detailed information about a player. 'help finger'
   countries - Shows where people are logging in from. 'help countries'
        pwho - Shows who all is in a given player's party 'help pwho'
     summary - Shows your total summary for this session.
   last info - Displays the most recent changes made to the game.    
       score - Displays all game related information relevant to your 
               character. 'help score'
          sc - A brief version of score, which can be toggled to auto 
               report. 'help sc'

Communication Commands:
      	tell - Sends a message to a player. 'help tell'
      	 say - Sends a message to the room you are in. 'help say'
     whisper - Sends a whisper to a player, handy if you are dead. 
     	       'help whisper'
      newbie - Sends a message to the newbie channel 'help channels'
        last - Command to replay the last messages sent to a channel. 
               This command also works with says and tells. Try 'last tell'
               and 'last say' also.
Preference and Alias Commands:
	 set - Sets your user preferences. 'help set'
	term - Sets your colour preference. 'help term'
     command - Creates quick keys. 'help command'
       alias - Creates complete aliases for words. 'help alias' 
       chain - Chain-triggers a spell or skill. 'help chain'
	 try - Select a prefered casting speed. 'help try'
Gameplay Commands:
        look - Shows what room you are in. 'help look'
        kill - Begins a battle. 'help kill'
         get - Takes an item. 'help get' See also put, give, drop.
       equip - Wields and wears equipment. 'help equip'
        loot - Takes all items from a corpse. 'help loot'
        cast - Casts a spell, 'help spellcasting'
         use - Uses a skill, 'help skills'
      skills - See all your skills, 'help skills'
      spells - See all your spells, 'help spells'
          dg - Short for dig grave, disposes of a corpse.
          pc - Party Create, see 'help party'
        open - Open a door or a container (close also works)
      unlock - Unlock a door or a container with key (lock also works)
Character Personalization:
       title - Sets your title. 'help title'
     surname - Sets your surname (last name). 'help surname'
    plan set - Allows you to write a .plan seen in finger. 'help plan'
    desc set - Allows you to write a description of yourself. 'help desc'
See also 'cmds'.

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