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Help Newbie Areas, Newbie Guide

Important places in the city: see 'help zombiecity' for a map.
 Church                 (starting location) a place to 'pray' in if you
                        happen to die and cannot find a cleric to resurrect
 Adventurers' guild     (2e,s from church) advance your 'adventurer level'.
 Buju, the Navigator    (east from church) He will teleport you to your
 			guild, as well as provide a gift and an area portal
 			for the youngest of players.
 Armoury                (4e,2s,1e from church) A shop to buy/sell armour.
 Weaponsmith            (5e,1s from church)    A shop to buy/sell weapons.

 General store          (4e,2s,1w from church) A shop to buy/sell misc goods.

Areas with small monsters: All directions listed here are from the starting
point called 'CS', which is the center room of ZombieCity. Check the map.
The Newbie Killing Fields: 3 n, 3 w, portal, hero_candidate, equip, enter
- The most simple of exp mobs, for the youngest of adventurers.
- Level restricted area.
- Explore exp is given.

Marvin Gardens: Southwest corner of ZombieCity.
- Climb the trees to find simple and small animal mobs to kill.
- Beware the citizens and larger animals (Raccoons, ermines), as killing 
  them will lead to trouble.
- Explore exp is given.

ZombieCity Sewer: Southeast corner of ZombieCity.
- Level restricted area, especially for newbies.
- Explore exp is given.
- Simple mobs and small quests.

Goblin Forest: 9 s, 3 e, path
- Level restricted area, especially for newbies.
- Mapped area, so no explore exp is given.
- Small EQ mob in center of area.
- Scale of Difficulty (Easy to Hard): Goblin explorers, Goblin marauders,
  Goblin champions, EQ Mob

Brownie Fields and Forest of Enfall: 19 e, 2 n, field
- North of entrance is The Forest of Enfall, and perfect for newbies. Explore 
  exp is given.
- East of entrance are the Brownie Fields, for slightly larger adventurers.
- Scale of Difficulty: Birds, Chipmunks, Turtles, Deer, Gnomes
- Beware Minda and some parts of the Brownie Fields.

Weohstan's Mill and Denulf's farm: 12 w, 3 n, village
- A small area with farmers and animals.
- Explore exp is given.
- A variety of different sized monsters, most of them are easily killable.
- Animals and children are the weakest opponents.

Brownie Tree: 10 s, 10 e, tree, enter
- Explore exp is given
- Scale of Difficulty: Varied among the normal brownies
- King and Princess should be avoided, and beware the Mage in the hut!

Of course, this list only tells a few of ZombieMUD's newbie areas to give you
a bit of a head start. As you explore you will find many more on your own.

See also 'help exploring'.

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