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Welcome to ZombieMUD's Newbie guide. This guide will help you grasp the 
various aspects of the game. The guide is meant to be read from top to 
bottom in the order below.

If you wish to head straight to character creation, read our quick start
guides by typing 'help character creation'. It is however recommended
that you read this Newbie guide first.

Please note that the game is vast and multi-dimensional, there is a lot 
to learn and you should not expect to learn everything within your first 
days or weeks of playing. 

The Newbie Guide has been split into the following chapters: 

'help basics': Covers the very basics of the game, including 
               interaction, movement and getting help. 

'help newbie races': Introduces the basics of races in ZombieMUD. 

'help newbie guilds': Introduces the basics of guilds and subguilds. 

'help character': Getting familiar with your character, attributes, 
                  levels, experience and the such. 

'help combat': Describes the combat system of ZombieMUD. 

'help parties': A brief introduction to the game's party system. 

'help newbie advanced': A more in-depth guide to various topics such as 
                        combat and equipment. 

Once you have read these, proceed to 'help character creation'

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