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Help Necro Combat, Newbie Guide

Continued from 'help necro quickstart' 

Time to go test your skills in combat. Use the teleport stone you have 

to get back to buju by typing 'summon'. Once back at Buju, you can enter 

the Newbie killing fields by typing 'portal'. At the portal, there is a 

machine that will provide you with basic equipment, type 'read plate' to 

see what it says and grab the equipment. After this, type 'equip' to 

start using them. 

Type 'enter' to enter the killing fields. Within these rooms should be a 

few very simple monsters such as frogs and small polar bears. Wander 

around a bit and get your bearings so that you can be ready to run if 

things go wrong. 

To prepare yourself for combat, type 'sc on'. This will report your 

health and spell points during battle. You can also type 'sc' at any 

time to see them. Set your 'wimpy' to 30 or any other number you feel 

comfortable with. Lastly, set looting on automaticly by typing 'set 

autoloot on'. 

To begin a battle, simply cast your spell at a helpless frog (or any 

other animal). You will need to target the animal by typing this: 'cast 

magic missile at frog try very slow' 

The 'try very slow' bit will boost your chances at the spell's success 

on the first cast. As you probably assumed, this slows down the speed of 

the spell drastically. 

A battle will now begin. To continue using your skill, simply type 'cast 

magic missile' or 'cast magic missile try <slow/very slow>' without a 

target. This ensures that you will not begin battle with the next 

monster in the room. 

Hopefully all goes well and your poor frog is now living in mud heaven, 

but you're not quite finished with him yet. In order to enslave this 

minion into your horde, you need to have full spell points. The servant 

we are going to create will be a monk. It is the most feasible option 

for a newbie. To raise your servant, type 'cast raise dead at corpse 

make monk try very slow'. 

And then you wait... and wait... it's a long spell, so sit back and 

cross your fingers. Once you manage this, you won't have to do it again 

untill your next login, and by then you'll be a more adept necro, and 

things will go easier. 

Did it work? Great! (If not, have no fear, simply regenerate back your 

spell points and try again.) Look at your servant and you should see the 

command 'scom'. Typing 'scom' will give you a list of commands you may 

issue to your servant. As a one time setup, be sure to type there key 

commands: 'scom follow', 'scom combatskill fast blow', 'scom report' 

Now your servant will do the battling for you. Just type 'scom kill 

frog' (or any other poor beast in that area) and the battle will begin. 

Servant's kill well, and far faster than your average newbie could, but 

they also leech a portion of your exp away. This exp is not wasted 

however, but goes to your servant which also gains levels, power and new 

skills and spells just like a normal character ! You can also have your 

servant carry items for you, and make it wear equipment (altough monks 

prefer to use only the monk knuckles a weapons). 

Don't forget to give the other corpses you leave around a proper burial. 

To do this, type: 'dg' Type 'score' or 'exp' to see how much you have 


Scamper around in this area killing critters untill you have gathered a 

nice sum of experience and cash, then head back to the Necromancer guild 

to up your spell percents.


Good spells to study when you can are...

Summon Servant: Summon your servant if you lose it.

Cure Undead: Will heal an undead minion, should it become hurt.

Good skills to train when you can are...

Essence eye: Allows you to see exactly when a spell will be cast.

Quick Chant: Increases the speed of your casting.

Once you find the Newbie killing fields too easy, read 'help newbie 


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