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Mudding is neat, except if you die or you have to pee and make some eq.
In the mud everything is words, except the monsters which move if you
have a fight with them. And the players move too and kill each other but it
doesnt matter because clerics can ress. 

Players carry this thing called eq around, it can be swords or clothes except
ball of regen which is a kind of football, i think.

In our mud everybody is really nice, except newbies and arches, and wizzes are
stupid too. The arches are mean because they dont have any other job.

Zarch is my friend and he is really strong. He once killed almost all the
clerics in the mud for not dhealing him. I always do what Zarch tells me to,
except when i blasted him when i was supposed to heal. He was really mad but
then Avandhar told him to stop. Avandhar is really mean sometimes. I wish
Avandhar was my best friend.

And the girls are stupid but it doesnt matter because we kill them. Its fun
to tease girls, and newbies too. Newbies are boring because they run away,
except if they are stupid.

My dad says i cant play muds, but it doenst matter because i play in secret.
My mum doesnt care but she says what my father wants, except one time my
mum said to my dad lick my clit slave. I heard that from behind the door
and when i asked what a clit is my dad spanked me and my mum blushed,
i think. It mus be something bad like the time i dropped my gramps teeth
in the toilet, although that was fun.

  Vili 10 years

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