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Newbie Guide, Basics - Movement 

You can move from room to room through the exits listed in the room you 
are currently in. Usually these are described as points of the compass 
such as north, east, southwest. Type the exit and you will be moved 
there. E.g. if you wish to go north, type 'north' or 'n'. You can 
'enter' and 'exit' places, go 'in' and 'out' as well as 'up' or 'down'. 
Some exits are hidden, so you have to use your wits to figure them out. 

To check available obvious exits type 'exits'. 

To move more than one room in a direction, you can prefix the direction 
with a number up to 20. E.g. if you wish to move 8 rooms north, you can 
type '8 n' (This applies to any command you enter). 

Most directions you will find in the game are from the central square of 
ZombieCity. When you enter the game you will start inside ZombieCity, 
and you can see the central square as well as your current location by 
typing 'map'. 

It is possible to fly, explore the oceans under water, enter portals and 
use different means of teleportation. 

The newbies' best friend is Buju whom you will find 3 north, 3 west from 
the central square. He will give you a transportation stone which will 
teleport you back to him should you get lost. He will also teleport you 
to different guilds of the realm. 

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