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Newbie Guide, Character - Money 

The trade in ZombieMUD is done primarily with gold, but there are also 
other types of coin available. Below is a list of coins and their value 
in gold: 

Electrum 100   Delium   50
Platinum 10    Gold     1
Silver   0.5   Bronze   0.1
Copper   0.01

Money can be stored in the Bank. Upon depositing money to the bank, a 
deposit tax is collected. The rate of the tax is determined by the Mayor 
of ZombieCity, i.e. the leader of the Human race. 

Some services in the realm, such as transportation between continents, 
withdraw money straight from the bank so you do not need to carry cash 
with you always. 

Money can be withdrawn or transferred to another player for free in the 

Be aware that carried gold can be stolen by thieves. 

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