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Newbie Guide, Combat - Killing: Melee 

Melee damage means hitting with your fists, or currently wielded 
weapon(s). Spellcasters need not bother their heads with this as they 
are unable to hit a tree in a forest, but for fighter types melee damage 
is important. 

Do not confuse melee damage with skills and spells. Melee damage will 
happen once every round even if you are concentrating on a spell or 

You can hit a monster with up to three times per round with one weapon, 
or six with two. The amount of hits are based on skills 'attack', 
'doublehit' and 'whirlwind attack'. A seasoned member of the Fighter's 
guild can hit up to four or seven. 

To hit an enemy, you murst first succeed in the 'attack' skill. To hit a 
second time, you must succeed in the 'doublehit' skill. Third time, 
'whirlwind attack'. It is also important to have the respective weapon 
skill (e.g. 'weapon skill 1h sword' if you are using a one-handed sword) 
and the 'leftwield' skill, if you are wielding two weapons. 

You can set the verbosity of battle (how much text you receive from 
melee damage) with the 'battle' command, type 'help battle' in the game. 

Making damage with melee will drain your fatigue.

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