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Newbie Guide: Help Masteries

Masteries is the common term used for the individual aspects within
a guild through which you can better your character by playing.

Almost all of the guilds on ZombieMUD have a mastery system, and
for every guild this system is different. Some guilds gain percents
in spells and skills through use. Some guilds gain points which may
be freely spent on abilities within the guild. Some guilds offer
pathway choices where you can specify how you wish your character
to grow, and your gained masteries will reflect this choice. In
the end, they are each unique in construction.

There is no truly generic 'help masteries' file explaining each
guild's mastery system since discovering how masteries work is
seen as a personal quest, and you should go seek out information 
within your own Guild's main halls to find out more about them.

NOTE: With the racial conversion which is currently in progress,
many races now have mastery systems as well! If your race is among
the converted, typing 'help race' may provide hints as to what you
can further do with your character, and more information may be
sought out within your race's home area.

See also 'guilds', 'races', 'race'.

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