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 Help Mage Quickstart, Newbie Guide 

NOTE: This and other help files are in a much more readable format on

Make sure you have read through 'help newbie' before continuing.

Before choosing Mage as your guild, you must first select a race. 
Suitable races for a newbie Mage include, but are not limited to: 
Sprite, Elf (can not see in dark, should remain good aligned), Sea Elf 
(can not see in dark, should remain good aligned) or Thrikhren.

Be sure to type 'help race <racename>' when choosing to see all the 
plusses and minuses of each race. Note that if you dislike your choice, 
as a newbie you can reincarnate (i.e. start over) with no loss of 
experience without having to create a new character. 

Type 'choose <race name>' to choose your race. When you have chosen a 
race, type 'continue' to proceed. Now you must choose your guild. Type 
'choose mage'. 


When you log in, you will begin at the Church of All Gods inside 
ZombieCity. The first thing you should do is to visit Buju. He spends 
his days waiting patiently one east of the Church, and has much to offer 
you during your travels. Type 'east' or just 'e' and he will give you a 
gift. Good commands to try in his presence are: 'look at stone', 'say 
help', 'say transport', 'say portal' Also type 'map' to see the 
ZombieCity map and your current location. 

The next thing you need to do is gain a few levels with the free 
experience you have been given. You must advance in two places for each 
level you gain. You must go to the Adventurers' Guild and type advance 
to raise your 'adventurer level'. You can do this by going one east, one 
south from Buju, and typing '7 advance'. 

Next you much continue to the Mage guild and advance your guild levels. 
Go back to Buju (one north, one west) and have him transport you to the 
guild by typing 'transport guild'. Once you are there, type '7 advance' 
and you are now a level 8 mage. 

Buju will continue to transport you to your guild until you reach level 
45. He will also you you the teleport stone, which you can use to get 
back to him should you get lost, until you reach 15M total experience, 
so make sure you visit him every boot. 

Now that you have a few levels, it's time to advance your knowledge in 
skills and spells. If you've followed the information so far, you should 
be standing in the Mage Guild, if not then go there now. To see what 
abilities are available to you, try the following commands: 'info 8', 
'list spells', 'list skills'. 

Now lets get a spell. Of course, everyone must start out small. The more 
experience you gain, the better your spells will become. Skills and 
spells are trained at 5% increments. 

First read 'help spell magic missile', then study the spell to 50% by 
typing '10 study magic missile'. Also train the skill 'essence eye' to 
20% by typing '4 train essence eye'. Read 'help skill essence eye' to 
see what it does. Note that depending on your race, you might not be 
able to study the spells or train the skills just this high due to 
racial limits, or you might not have enough money. But do not worry. 
It's time to go kill some monsters (and earn some money doing it). 

Read 'help mage combat' to continue this guide.

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