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Helping Lucifer is an event that is offered to members of certain
guilds at the time Lucifer most needs it. This event is ment to be
player-versus-player, but it is also ment to be somewhat fun 
(until you lose, at least). 

You are *not* allowed to use methods in helping Lucifer *or* against 
those helping Him, that would not be legal in the arena, in Island 
of Valour or other such events. 

An additional rule is in effect until the day it is removed from this

You are not from now on allowed to use *any* means of massively
hurting the opposing party (prayers/dests/etc). The only exception 
is stealing, which is allowed. Delaying, harrying or attacking the
other party is allowed, but only for the duration of the event. You
are also not allowed to take retribution for acts committed during
this event.

This means that even if you have a valid and legal reason to for
example pray a person, you are not allowed to do this, if that person
is currently participating in this event. Fair play only.

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