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Help Losing Equipment in Link Crash

If your link dies and the mud goes through reboot you still have hope.

Crash Recoveries are automated on players who were Link-Dead at reboot.
If your link truly died in play, then upon next login after reboot, your
worn and wielded EQ will be returned to you.

If your link did not drop fully, and your character experienced Armageddon,
then your equipment will have been donated directly to Armageddon himself
and destroyed. This also applies to unexpected boots if you decided to 
idle for long periods of time with your equipment on you. Also notice 
that the reboot command says boots can happen earlier/later than estimated.

Ghosts do not receive crash recovery. If you go through reboot as a
ghost, then your EQ is gone.

If your recovery failed, and this was through no fault of your own, (IE:
no 'I was too drunk to chest!' excuses.) then you may attempt to contact
an active Administrator, wizard level 200+, to plead your case and inquire 
about chest restoration. If the loss of EQ was your fault, do not expect
any sympathy. See the file 'help reimbursement' for details.

NOTE: Using the link-death + recovery method to circumvent the need to
chest is not recommended. Recoveries are a safety net, and are not
intended for constant use. If you do this, keep in mind there will be no
reimbursement whatsoever should these abused recoveries fail.

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