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Lord (LoGD) -competitionZ.

LoRD is an old online BBS-game. Some of you might remember it. As LoRD is
owned by company called Gameport, a game called "Legend of the Green Dragon"
was created, so green, not red :-) I decided to install this LoGD on my
server and I am inviting you to play. I am also putting up a small 

Basic information about the game:
  - The game can be found from
  - There are 30 turns every game day.
  - A game day lasts 6 hours in real life. This means that a new game day
    starts in every 6 hours. You can see from the homepage when the
    next game day starts.
  - Register/play with your MUD name so everyone knows who you are. 
  - Join channel 'lord' in MUD to chat ;-)
  - Please contact me (Waaar) if you have problems with the game.

Information about the competition:
  - The competition ends at 19th of January 2008 22:00 Finnish time.
  - The top three players who have gained the most in game (XP, DK) will
    win some special prizes, that I define later. I still can't remember
    how the game works so that the "gained the most in game" -definition
    also most probably changes ;-)

  - 1st place: 3 qp OR money free reincs.
  - 2nd place: 2 qp OR money free reincs.
  - 3rd place: 1 qp OR money free reinc.

You can choose if your reincs are QP or money free ;-)

- Waaar @ 6th of January 2008

If you want to see more information about the game, please see the website

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