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Dear Leper and Belabour

I wish you to know that I ( Thomas Bonvel ) have filed a
lawsuit against Zombiemud and the persons responsible for
administration of the game and also against commercial internet
provider known as Megabaud.
 I am going to be represented by Gerald Baldwin, of Johnson&
Baldwin and I wish that further communication should be send
directly to 
 This lawsuit has been filed in the New York, Queens Civil
District Court and you should be geting a letter from 
Johnson&Baldin and one from the court clerk.
 The reason I mailed you this letter, is that I want you to
be aware of my reasons and hopefully settle this matter without
going to court. I assure you that I have no wish to hurt zombiemud
and if my demands are satisfied and suitable agreement reached, 
I would remove the lawsuit.

My grievances are the following:

1) The mud is full of foul language, which I and many other american
players consider unsensitive. I am myself of Scottish origins
and making fun of scottish accent is extremely offensive to me
( refering to the roulette room monster ). This is but one example
of many other monsters,descriptions that are offensive to many 
minority groups. Also I have seen little or any attempt to control
the language used by playersm especially finnish players. Complete 
list of these grievances is included in the lawsuit.

2) I have invested time and money to this mud and I do not believe 
administration has the right to remove my character without my
consent. I accidently found out a small money bug and while testing
it, I made a modest amount of money. I did not report this instantly
and this I do regret. What I do not understand or accept is the
attitude of certain archwizards, mainly that of Avandhar and Altair.
They did not allow me to explain, but instead they ridiculed me and
told that I would lose all that work ( I had 43d old character ) I
had invested to the mud. This is both unfair and cruel and it is
my belief that Avandhar acted against me due to a personal grudge.
Few weeks earlier I had made a number of complaints about the 
offensive language of his monsters. He did not consider my complaints,
but instead told me to 'shut the fuck up, or I will remove your ass'.
It is my belief that he used this opportunity to do just that. 
 I mailed about my case to both of you ( Leper and Belabour ), but
I received no reply. Therefore I had no option but to file this 

Thanks to the emotional stress caused by the removal of my character 
( Benzei ), I lost my girlfriend and job. This has now seriously
compromised both my economical situation and mental state. Infact I
have had to seek extensive psychological counselling.

So these are my demands

1) 100000$ for loss of livelyhood, medical costs and emotional stress.

2) Removal of Avandhar and Altair.

3) Restoration of my character Benzei and 250M experience points,
  as compensation for the lost time.

4) Clean up the language players use ( and monsters too )
I hope that you will see to reason and make good of my demands.

Truthfully yours, Thomas.

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