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Newbie Guide, Basics - Interaction 

Most, but not all, NPCs can be interacted with in some way. They will 
talk with you or react to items you give them. Some NPCs will give you 
quests to complete. 

Inside shops and the such, you can usually 'list', 'buy' and 'sell' 
things with the NPCs. Most of the time the commands available for an NPC 
are usually listed, but at times you must talk with them to find them 

ZombieMUD is full of doors, containers, levers, buttons, etc etc. The 
world can be manipulated in many ways, usually quite intuitive ones. You 
can 'open' and 'close' doors and containers, 'unclock' things with keys, 
'pull' and 'push' things, 'press' buttons. At times, especially when 
completing difficult quests, you need to figure out the commands as they 
are not always that obviously presented. 

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