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Hints, The Newbie Guide

 Did you know that...

- When you begin the game, you start with a free 100,000 
  Experience points, which you may spend at will. 

- Every new unmapped room you walk through gives you at least
  500 free exp. The higher your personal explore percent is, 
  the more you gain per room. Try exploring all of the newbie
  areas, but beware of death traps in higher level places!

- If you're new, and have never reincarnated your character, 
  you get a bonus consisting of a few spell or skill percents 
  automatically trained for free.
- Buju will give a transportation stone to new players to help 
  them on their travels. He also is a skilled navigator, and 
  can easily send you directly to your guild for free if your
  level is not higher than 45.

- Mad Hettie, in ZombieCity, will sell extremely cheap, yet 
  unchestable weapons to newbies, should you find yourself in 
  need of equipment. Just seek her out in ZombieCity and 'buy' 

- When you begin your travels, an extremely knowledgable skull 
  arrives to help you. Should you dismiss him and wish for his 
  return, simply type 'summon_skull'.

- Typing 'builtin' will show you a list of pre-defined commands 
  your character has on the game. Read 'help command' and 'help 
  alias' to learn how to make more in the correct way. 

- If you don't dispose of corpses, they will oftentimes get up 
  and start to attack you again! These Zombies are much more 
  difficult than the original monster, so be sure to do something 
  about your corpses. The command 'dg' allows you to use your hands 
  to bury a corpse, if you have no other options available.

- An easy way to make cash as a newbie while killing in Del's Newbie 
  Area is to take those corpses to Lim-Dul (In the northeast corner 
  of ZombieCity, just inside the graveyard) and he will pay you 
  about 50gp each! 

- While finding magical eq which helps your stats and regeneration
  is nice, most folks find that it isn't even necessary to play the
  game until your level reaches around 20-25. It's then when you
  should really start considering gathering eq and saving it!

- If you wish to leave the game for any length of time, and have
  gathered equipment you do wish to keep, seek out the Rent Room in
  ZombieCity for quick and easy storage. For other possibilities,
  be sure to read 'help storing eq' and 'help castles'.

- If Armageddon has arrived to the game, you may 'tell armageddon cs'
  for a free trip back to ZombieCity. Armageddon knows a few more 
  teleportation tricks as well, should you ask him.

- If you should happen to die, you'll need to find a Cleric who 
  can 'Resurrect' you. Try reading the file 'help death' on the 
  game now for more info, as it's best to learn such information 
  before it happens. 

- When you first Reincarnate (this is not the same as 'resurrect'!), 
  you have what is called a 'Reinc Tax' of usually about 10%. This
  means if you reinc again immediatly, you will lose about 10% of
  your total  exp worth. Each week you wait drops this Reinc Tax
  about 1%. The Minimum Reinc Tax is 1%. 

- You can easily find out your total worth by asking a Cleric for 
  an 'ew' or 'Estimate Worth'. This spell also helps you to determine 
  your current Reinc Tax. 

- Doing quests is optional, but having enough quest points reduces 
  your main level cost by 25%. Talk to Lachesis southeast of the 
  Adv-Guild for more info. 

- While you can join a secondary guild at any time when you have a
  free level, it is most often prudent to wait until you are
  level 60+ to do so. Subguilds to your primary guild may only be
  joined after you attain 45 levels in the primary guild itself.

- Try typing the command 'set' to configure a few of your user 
  preferences. Most importantly your e-mail address. 

- ZombieMUD has colours. If your terminal supports them, type 'term 
  ansi+'. Also 'set color_map on' will show the map of the outworld 
  in full colour. 

- There are many channels out there to converse on. Type 'channels 
  list' to see which ones you may join. 

- The [newbie] channel is there to help you. Please feel free to ask 
  questions on it. It is illegal for a player to give wrong information 
  on [newbie]. Do not ask your questions on [mud], as 90% of the time 
  the answer you recieve there will be wrong. 

- Many guilds, and even some races, have what is known as a Mastery 
  System, which allows you to greatly improve your character through 
  various methods of play. Be sure to explore your guild area or ask 
  around to learn the inner workings of your guild.
- Most races have special abilities inherent to the race. Type 'help
  race' to learn what hidden power your chosen race possesses.
- An amazing amount of game information can be found on the various 
  Player-created Webpages which are linked on Be 
  sure to check them out, as you'd be amazed how much you can learn
  from your fellow mortals.

- Be sure to read through the rules of ZombieMUD before you unwittingly 
  break them. Botting and Multiplaying are illegal, so don't even try it. 
  Type 'help topics' and read the rules sections for more details. 
See also, 'newbie', 'channels', 'set'.

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