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Help Healing Magic

While The honored members of the Guild of Healers are the masters of all 
healing magic, many other guilds also teach some arts of healing. Even the 
darkest of guilds often have methods of healing their minions, even if their
ultimate end is the destruction, not preservation, of life.

Mostly healing magic works like all other forms of magic, but it is different
in one key aspect. Healing magic works best if the subject of healing is not
under the influence of any of the very strong protection spells known in the
world of Zombie. 

While protection spells of this magnitude usually more than make up for this
loss of power, it is an important aspect for every master of healing magic to
consider, since it gives them an advantage when no magical protection is 
readily available.

The nature of this aspect is personal, and no additional healing is bestowed
to those affected by area healing spells or inhumane servants.

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