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Newbie Guide: Help Healing and Regeneration

When you begin the game, one of the first questions you may have is
how regenerating HP and SP works.

On Zombiemud, your HP and SP replenish themselves in chunks known
as 'ticks'. You tick back HP and SP only when not in battle and
should you be starving, you will cease to tick alltogether.

The amount of HP and SP you gain per tick is known as your 
HPR (Hit-point regen) and SPR (Spell-point regen). 

Listed below are several common methods and tricks used to speed up
the natural replenishment of HP and SP on your character. 

 - Equipment: Gathering a proper set of EQ is probably the most
   helpful and trusted method of boosting your regen rates.
   Basic HPR and SPR EQ can often be found in the Trader bazaar 
   for a reasonable price.
 - Various Skills and Spells: Skills such as 'camping' and magical
   enchantments like the spell 'regeneration' help to boost ticks
   on command as well as the standard 'heal' spells which magically
   bind physical wounds can be learned. There are quite a few such 
   spells taught throughout the realm which you will discover on 
   your travels.  

 - Special Rooms: It is said that some places hold more magic than 
   others. In ZombieCity alone there are several ways to add a quick
   boost to your HP and SP. A quick swim across Marvin Garden's 
   pond, or simply sitting on the benches is said to do wonders,
   but for real magic they say the topmost tower in the Church
   of All Gods holds some magic when the moon is high and Aquaris'
   moonbeam shines bright.
 - Drinking: For a short, quick boost, drinking alcohol does
   the trick, but that always comes with a price.
Unlike some muds, on ZombieMUD the command 'sleep' is nothing more
than an emotion, and does not put your char to sleep. The skill
'camping' is used instead.
See also 'help spell regeneration', 'help skill camping'.   

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