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Newbie Guide, Character - Handling 

To examine an item in your inventory or the room you are in, type 'look 
at <item>'. At times you will see several items of the same type. These 
will be prefixed with the item amount, e.g. "Ten loaves of bread", or 
"Many loaves of bread" if you have more than ten. To examine a specific 
item in a stack of items, type 'look at <item> <number>', e.g. 'look at 
bread 10'. 

To get an item you are in, type 'get <item>' or 'take <item>'. 

To drop an item, type 'drop <item>'. 

You can get and put items in and out of containers by suffixing the 
command with 'from <container>' and/or 'to <container>'. E.g. you can do 
'get 10 bread from sack to chest'. 

You can specify several items at once by separating them with commas, 
e.g. 'get sword,bread'. 

You can 'keep' an item to prevent yourself from accidentally dropping or 
selling an item. To add an item to 'keep', type 'keep <item>'. Please 
note that items in keep are not safe from thieves. 

You can also specify the following instead of a single item or comma 
separated itms: 

  ALL      - all items you are carrying (also items equipped and in 'keep')
  all      - all items but the ones in 'keep'
  all item - all items with id 'item' (example: all sword)
  eq       - all worn or wielded items
  noeq     - all items not worn nor wielded 
  weapons  - all weapons (doesn't matter if its wielded or not)
  armours  - all armours (doesn't matter if its worn or not)
  food     - all food you are carrying 

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