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 -Death knight-

        The death knights are universally despised and feared by all living
beings, even more so than most other undeads, for regardless of how they came to
be, they later chose to embrace their grim existence and join the order seeking
the extermination of all that lives. They are indiscriminate in their hatred of
life; good and evil are for them meaningless concepts and for this they could be
seen as the embodiment of absolute evil -- or perfect neutrality, some might

The death knights were originally the unholy champions of Mordiggian, the God of
the Dead. Their number was great and their powers terrible but as so often
happens, their might started to dwindle until they finally fell into ruin and
were quickly forgotten. Some historians attribute the collapse of the dark order
to the Gods of Light who felt that through His servants Mordiggian had become
too powerful and had no choice but to intervene for the greater good.

Like so many things in this realm, the order might have died but it did not stay
buried for long. It was with the rise of the undead and their Deathless Legion
that the slow march of the death knights eventually began again but not for the
glory of Mordiggian, they say, but that of a cabal of godlike beings in the
upper echelon of the Legion.

They are all versatile warriors, wielding cruel weapons and fell magics with
equal ease but they all, to a degree, favour one over the other. The dark
magicians among their ranks even boast an aptitude to weaving the Shadow which
they wield as the ultimate weapon. In combat death knights are as merciless
as they are unrelenting, slowly marching on with a singular purpose to bring
the world of the living to an end.

Only undeads can become death knights.

Healers and paladins are not welcome in the order of the death knights.

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