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Newbie Guide: Help Glow

Every piece of equipment within the game has what is known as a 'glow',
a magical shimmer which allows those characters with an ability to see
magic to detect how close an item is to becoming dull. The shimmer itself
is described in varying shades of red, which range from Brilliant to
Feeble, and then finally Dull.

The degradation of an item's glow is a very slow process, and happens
only so long as a piece of equipment is unchested. Glows do not degrade
within a closed chest.

A piece of equipment will offer 100% of its known stats to a player as
long as it is not Dull. Once its glow reaches Dull, the stat bonusses 
will begin to degrade, bit by bit, until the item gives no bonusses at

To see an item's glow, you will need the ability to 'see magic'. Simply
look at the equipment then to judge its current status.

NOTE: To fully know exactly what stats an item gives, spells such as
'identify' are used. Take heed that these stats shown in identify are
the item's true stats. When worn, the bonusses are also modified based
upon your own racial statistics. As an alternative to identify, simply
checking your own stats before and after you wear a piece of equipment
has been known to work wonders. 

See also: 'help spell identify', 'storing eq', 'healing and regeneration'.

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