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Newbie Guide, Bascis - Getting help 

Besides reading this newbie help, there are other ways to get info. 

To list all available help topics, type 'help topics'. The help files 
are listed in different categories. Help files will also suggest other 
related topics to read in their footer. 

An extensive channel system exists in ZombieMUD. For now it will suffice 
to learn that there is a newbie channel, where you can freely ask 
anything. When you start the game the newbie channel is automatically 
opened for you. It is against ZombieMUD's rules to give misleading 
information on the newbie channel, so you should be able to rely on 
anything you read there. 

You can send a message to the newbie channel by typing 'newbie 
<message>'. You can view latest messages from the channel by typing 
'last newbie'. 

When you start a floating skull will tell you things and help you around 
in your first steps. Listen to what it has to say. 

Last but not least, ZombieMUD has dedicated newbie helpers whom you can 
ask things directly. You can identify newbie helpers in the 'who' 
listing from that they have special # brackets around their level, and 
they have a special title in their player info, e.g. "He is a beginner 
newbie helper". 

You can also list newbie helpers by typing 'who helper'. 

End of Newbie Guide, Basics. Read 'help newbie races' for the next 

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