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Command: friends
Arguments: list, add, remove, inform, unidle, lfg, name, level, guild

The 'friends' command will display a list of your current friends who
are logged into the game. This command keeps track of the status of
your friends and can also be used to inform of their arrival and 
departure from the game.

friends              - lists all your friends logged on, their idle time and
                       possibly the flags listed below.
friends list         - lists the names of every player on your friends list.
friends add [who]    - adds [who] to your friends list, experienced players
                       are allowed longer lists than newly created characters.
friends remove [who] - removes [who] from your friends list.
friends inform       - when this is turned on, you will only see information
                       about your friends (and enemies) on 'inform' channel.
friends unidle       - Displays a list of current unidle friends on your list.
friends lfg          - Displays a list of friends who are looking for a party.
friends name         - Sort your friends list alphabetically.
friends level        - Sort your friends list in ascending level order.
friends guild        - Sort your friends list alphabetically by guild.

Friends List Flags:  [P/n] - in a party of n players
                       [B] - busy
                       [A] - away
                       [E] - editing
                       [G] - in a ghost form
                       [R] - player is in reinc mode
                       [L] - Looking for group

NOTE: There is also an older version available by typing 'friends2'. You
may toggle either of them as the primary command by using 'set'.

See also 'enemies', 'who', 'lfg'.

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