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Newbie Guide: Help Flee

So you want to escape a monster's evil assault on your now battered
form? No problem! Just walk away. Really, it's that simple.

Many Diku based muds appear to have a command known as 'flee', and
so quite a few new players who come here ask us 'How do I flee!?'.

Check the room exits by typing 'look' or 'exits' and simply type a
direction of your choosing and you will leave the battle. When you
return to the room, the fight will begin anew. Be warned though, that
some wiley monsters are intelligent enough to follow you into the 
next room!

You may also set an auto-flee in your character when you reach a
certain percentage of your hit points. Typing 'wimpy 30' will cause
you to flee a fight in a random direction when you go below 30% of 
your full hit points.

See also 'wimpy'.

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