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Help Extortion

It is semi-illegal to extort money from other players.
What this means is that there might be some situations
where it is acceptable to extort others. An example could be
that after a normal pkill war the winning side demands
eq/cash for stopping the war. However, what we do not want
is that a high level player or group of players use threatening,
player killing or other similar means to get money, eq or
whatever with little or no real reasons, except to get that
money or eq. 

 Talk doesn't hurt anyone, but if we see that the extortioner
or he and his friends are player killing or otherwise fucking
up the victims for not paying. It will be dealt as it was
totally illegal player killing of the worst kind. It is up to
the archwizard in question to decide if the line has been crossed
and either warn or punish the culprits. Like with player killing,
the line is lower if the victim is too small to be able to defend

 This law has not been made to totally stop this sort of behaviour, 
but rather to limit it, so that no player or group of players makes
a habit of ruining others. This sort of behaviour has always been
illegal but perhaps this help file clears up some confusion.

See also 'rules'.

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