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Help Exploring

When exploring ZombieMUD, not only do you increase your knowledge
of the game itself, you also gain at least 500 experience for every 
non-mapped new room you discover. The higher your personal explore 
percent is, the more you gain per room. There is a plaque of the most
seasoned explorers in the Hall of Fame, and you can see how many
new rooms you have found today by typing 'summary'.

Some helpful tips:
 - Long descs of the rooms can sometimes have valuable information
 - Some monsters respond to things you 'say'
 - Some things you see in the long desc of the room can sometimes be
   manipulated (levers pulled etc.)
 - Searching something in a room can sometimes provide more info
 - It pays off to look at the items in the room, i.e it says in the
   long desc there is a bed in the room, you should be able to look
   at it.
 - If you don't know what to do about a puzzle, go for the logical
 - Sometimes monsters want you to give them an item of some kind
 - It pays off to listen to npc's if they're in a talkative mood
 - Use peer command to avoid danger, 'peer <direction>'

See also 'summary'.

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