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Newbie Guide, Character - Equipment 

All worn and wielded equipment in the game fit into specific 'slots' on 
your character. Cloaks go to 'cloak' slot, shoes and sandals to 'feet', 
helmets to 'head' and so on. You can also wield to weapons, or a weapon 
and a shield. 

Equipment can give bonuses to your base attributes (str, int, wis, etc), 
hp and sp regeneration, resistances, and some items have special 
features and commands you can use. 

To see your current equpiment, type 'slots'. 

To equip all wornable and wieldable equiment in your inventory, type 
'equip'. This command will attempt to fill all unused slots with 
equipment you are carrying. 

Worn and wielded items can not be stolen by thieves. 


  When you have an item you wish to wear, type 'wear <item>'. This will be 
  worn on the slot it designated for. The slot must be empty prior to 
  wearing. Some items might occupy several slots. 

  Armours have an armour class. To see your current armour class, type 
  'eq'. A higher armour class means less physical damage inflicted by 
  monsters. This is especially critical for fighter types. 

  Wearing armour requires no skills. 


  All weapons in ZombieMUD belong to a specific weapon type. These are: 
  ancient, axe, bludgeon, dagger, polearm, staff, sword and bow. 

  All weapons, except for bows, can be either one handed (1h) or two 
  handed (2h). 

  You can 'wield <weapon>' in your right hand, or 'lwield <weapon>' in 
  your left hand. This applies to one handed weapons. Two handed weapons 
  occupy both hands. You can also dual wield a 1h weapon in your both 
  hands with 'dwield <weapon>' for increased effect. 
  Exception to the rule above are so called 'two handed races', i.e. races 
  that are large enough to wield two handed (2h) weapons in one hand. 
  These races can dual wield two handed weapons, or wield two 2h weapons. 

  Weapons have a weapon class, which determines it's base effectiveness. 
  They also have attributes that give bonuses to score a hit, and bonuses 
  to damage. 

  For your character to effectively use a weapon, it must train the 
  required weapon skill for the weapon. E.g., if the character uses a one 
  handed sword, it should train skill 'weapon skill 1h sword'. 

  For left hand wielded weapons, it is also necessary to train the skill 
  'leftwield' to negate the negative bonuses caused by your left hand 
  (yes, all characters in the realm are consired right handed). 

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