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Ejected Player Complaint Form

--------------------------------Cut here-------------------------------------

Dear Former Player,
    Please fill out this form to the best of your ability.  After you
    are finished, please email it to nobody@localhost, where it will
    receive all the attention it deserves.  If your system is having
    nameserver problems, send it to nobody@, instead.

 The wizzes/admins at __________________ are a bunch of...
    __ power-mad a**holes
    __ dictators
    __ Nazis
    __ Fascists
    __ All of the above
    __ None of the above
    __ I don't know
    __ What's 'a**hole' mean?

    __ @toaded/@nuked/killed/banned me
    __ @booted me
    __ scolded me
    __ made faces at me

    __ I thought that they could take an infinite amount of verbal abuse.
    __ I thought it was to okay hack at their server to try to break it.
        __ Check here if you wish to use the usual, "I was just
           testing their security for them" excuse.
    __ I love of sound of my voice, and assumed that nobody would object
       to my constant vulgar shouts.
    __ I thought that my position on the helpstaff gave me the right to
       engage in behavior that would get anyone else thrown out.
    __ I very kindly let a banned player use my character to sneak back
       into the game.
    __ I really can't tell the difference between VR and RL, and assumed
       that someone who loves me in the game must also love me in RL,
       which means that it's okay to stalk them and make death threats if
       they don't return my love.
    __ I was mad at/just broke up with...
        __ my husband/wife,
        __ my boyfriend/girlfriend,
        __ someone who trusted me,
           and used their password to log into their character and...
           __ recycle all of their belongings.
           __ obscenely redescribe all of their belongings.
           __ destroy their reputation by breaking every rule I could.
    __ I am really proud of the explicit description I wrote for my
       genitals, and I assumed that everyone would enjoy the sight of
       them in public.
    __ I know those rules and policies I agreed to when I joined the game
       are really for everyone else, not me.

 I now plan to...
    __ go from site to site, whining to everyone about how badly I
       was treated after I got caught.
    __ convince all of my friends (3 in all) to leave their site, causing
       their MU* to shut down forever.
    __ get a new character from another email address, so I can get back
       in and resume my obnoxious activities.
        __ Check here if you plan to wait a couple of months, hoping
           they'll relax their vigilance.
    __ start a new and unique flamewar, about how unfair MU* admins are.

--------------------------------Cut here-------------------------------------

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