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Newbie Guide: Help Doors

Doors can be found throughout the realm. They come in many shapes and
sizes, and can be manipulated in many ways. For example, you may come
to a room which has the following doors:

  A sturdy steel door (closed) leading east.                                   
  A GARGANTUAN steel gate (closed) leading south.                              
  A sturdy steel door (locked) leading west.                                   
To handle these you can use several commands, just as you would a real
door; open, close, lock, and unlock. For example:                                         
  'open a gargantuan steel gate'                           
  'unlock door with key' (If you have the matching key!)
  'open door 2'                                             
  'close a sturdy steel door 2'                        
  'close gate'                                     
  'lock south gate'  
  'unlock door with key 2'               

* You may use these targets when you want to look at a door as well.       
* You can also knock on doors. Who knows, maybe somebody will answer?   

See also 'handling', 'faq'.

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