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Descending from Wizardhood (Re-morting).

The administration of ZombieMUD prefers that players do not
jump back and forth between being wizard and mortal. Becoming
a wizard and contributing to the game should however not mean
that you will never be able to play the game again, or that you
would have to start over from the beginning.

The current system is based on time spent. Should you decide to
become a wizard there is a minimum time of one year before you
will be allowed to become mortal again. The same also applies
in the other direction, if you descend from wizardhood you will
not be allowed to become a wizard again until one year has passed.

Final note: 

Most wizards who have risen to high levels have found out that 
in their opinion wizardhood is far more fun than what it was to
be a mortal. This system exists to give those mortals with talent
but doubts about wizzing an insurance that the decision is not
irreversible should the life as a wizard not suit them.

See also: 'wizzing', 'wizards'.

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