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Usage: debts add <person> <amount> [note]
       debts remove <debt number>
       debts modify <debt number> <person> <amount> [note]
       debts list

The debts command is a way of tracking how much you owe to another
player. If you type 'debts' and return you will get a usage statement.

Think of debts along the lines of : I owe this person <x> amount of cash.


There is also a 'debts2' command which works slightly differently, feel
feer to use whichever feels more comfortable to you.

Usage: debts2 (name) (+/-)(sum)    increases/decreases debts of someone
       debts2 remove (name)        removes someone from the debts-list
Think of debts2 along the lines of : This person owes me <x> amount of cash. 
These commands work independantly of eachother, so if you choose one,
you must stick with it.

See also 'loans'

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