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Newbie Guide, Combat - Death 

Sooner or later, your character will die. This means you have to find 
means to resurrect yourself. 

Utter newbies: 

  When your total worth ( total accumulated experience ) is less than or 
  equal to 50M (50,000,000), Father Kalidan in the ZombieCity church (3 
  north, 4 west, enter from ZombieCity's Central Square) will resurrect 
  you for free. Type 'ress_me' when you see him. 


  Basic resurrection can be done by members of the Cleric guild. 
  Resurrection will cost you about 50% of the unspent experience you had 
  when you died. 

  You can find unidle clerics by typing 'who cleric'. There are also often 
  clerics hanging out inside Tinker's Tool Shop (east, south from ZombieCity's 
  Central Square). You can also ask for a ress in the mud or newbie 

  If a cleric throws you an 'ethereal vine', 'pull vine' to get teleported
  to the cleric.

  When you are dead, and can't find a way back to the city, it is safe to 
  'quit' the game even if you have equipment on. Your equipment is safe. 
  When you re-login you will start back at the ZombieCity church. 
  Note that all items on your character will be lost if you are dead on


  Another means to get alive is 'prayer'. You can pray at the alter in 
  ZombieCity church. Prayer will cost you about 75% of the unspent exp you 
  had when you were dead. 

  Death will leave your body scarred. You can see the scars by looking at 
  yourself. You can have a maximum of ten scars. Praying with too many 
  scars on can cause you to lose a level or even several levels. It is 
  good to have someone occasionally remove your scars, usually a Cleric. 


  ZombieMUD has a skill named 'consider'. When used at a monster, it will 
  give you a rough estimate how tough the monster is. If your skill 
  percent is low, your judgement might not be that accurate so the skill 
  might give you misleading information. 

  As a general rule of thumb, explicitly named monsters are tough and 
  should be avoided by newbies. E.g. 'a rat' is probably killable, but 
  'John the fisherman' is not. 

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