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Newbie Guide, Advanced - Combat: Damage types & resistances 

There are ten different damage types (or 'preferences'/'prefs') total. 
These are acid, asphyxiation, cold, electric, fire, magical, physical,
poison and psionic. The tenth, shadow, is a rare subtype of magical
damage. This type is not within the purview of the newbie guide,
instead you can read up on it in 'help shadow damage'.

Weapons always deal a portion of damage as physical. Spells on the other 
hand deal their damage purely in the type specified in the spell's help. 
Some spells might inflict damage in several different types. 

For each type there is a resistance. All players and monsters have 
resistances. The higher the resistance, the less damage will be dealt 
with a weapon or a spell that inflicts damage of the same type. 

Monsters may gain complete immunity against a single type. Players can 

There are ways to find out resistances and alter them within various 

Monsters of certain type might reveal their weaknesses. For example, a 
fire golem will probably be very susceptible to cold damage, but will 
likely resist fire damage a lot. 

For the next chapter in this guide: 'help stunning' 

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