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Central Square in ZombieCity is known as the center room of
the realm. It is the meeting place and almost all directions
you recieve on Zombie will use this room as a starting point.

As its name implies, the room lies in the center of ZombieCity
itself, and its description is as follows:

Central square (n,e,s,w)

     |         The two most travelled paths of ZombieCity, Vermont Avenue
Gen. O Armo    and Wall Street, converge here to form the meeting point of
Shop | Ring    the entire realm: Central Square. Frequented by the elite of
-O--(X)--O-    each and every race in the land, all manner of business is
ost  | Tink    conducted here, and the square itself appears to never
     O shop    sleep. Along the cardinal directions lie the four massive
     | Boot    gates of the city, each a small speck in the distance.

There are four obvious exits: north, east, south and west.
Black Stone Obelisk, A wooden sign, A magical lantern (lit) and An ancient
block of oak.     

See also 'map', 'zombiecity', 'newbie areas'.

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