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                     C R U O R I S   D I V I N A E

Cruoris Divinae is the Holy War between Good and Evil which is fought 
constantly over the realms of Zombie. This great war affects the very
balance between Good and Evil in the world, and to an extend, the
fate and attributes of all who follow a Faith. For the combatants in
this great war, the effects are far larger.

Those who actively fight on the good side in this perpetual battle are 
known as the Seraphs. The fierce warrior angels that make up the Host 
of Heaven, the army of the good Goddess Silvain.

Their opponed is the vile sect known as the Hand of Mortos. They are
a secretive and dangerous order, who have offered their souls to the
Dark God Mortos. This brotherhood of evil witches is more commonly
known as the Guild of Warlocks.

To take part in the great war known as Cruoris Divinae means that you
join either the side of Good or Evil, and fight against the players
of the opposing faction. To be more specific, no normal player war
rules apply between the players of the two factions. You may kill,
harass and obstruct the playing of the opponents as much as you like
without the interferance of wizards, and the opponents may do the
same to you. Rude behavior, personal insults and other such behavior
that goes clearly outside the scope of normal playing is not however

To join the Holy War is to take a great risk, for people die in wars.
But with great risks there exists great possibilities. Both the vile
sect of the Warlocks as well as the heavenly force of the Seraphs are
capable of many things, and both wield significent power. Successes in
the great war are likewise generously rewarded by their Patron Gods.

Both sides of the war have a restricted number of members. So if you
wish to join one of them check the instructions in 'help race seraph'
and 'help guild warlock'. To increase the chance of being noticed
among the candidates, it is important to live by the ideals of the
faction you wish to join. That is, if you want to join the good side
you should in every way possible try to perform good deeds when you 
play, and stay away from evil actions. If you want to join the evil
side you should do the opposite. No other players have a saying in 
who gets to join or not, all that matters is how you choose to play.

The leaders of the two factions, the Archangel of Silvain and the
Grand Master of the Warlock Guild are responsible for keeping their
factions active. Should they fail in this task and let idlers take up
places in the Seraph race or the Warlock Guild, anyone may file a
complaint about the responsible leader to the administrating wizard
for the war. If your accusations prove to be true the leader in
question will be punished. However, if the accusations are found to
be false, you yourself will be punished instead. In other words, do
not use this right to make formal complaints before you have spoken
to the ones involved and made sure there is grounds for it.

Since joining the holy war means that you will fight a lot of other
players there is also a minimum worth of 2G (2,000M) experience
required to sign up. This is to ensure that the players that join
the holy war have a fair chance to harm the opposing faction.

Those who are neither Seraphs nor Warlocks can still take a passive
role in the war, by worshipping one of the Gods of the realm. Choosing
your Faith does not mean that you will take part in the fights, but you
do get affected by greater victories and defeats of the War. When it
comes to deciding what faction you belong to, you will count as Good
if you worship a Good God, and Evil if you worship an Evil God, regardless
of your own alignment. If you worship a Neutral God your side in the war
is judged by your alignment.

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