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Command:    count 
Argument:   (all) <item name) (in <container>)

Used to count occurences of an item in own inventory, or a container in the
inventory or the environment. The container may be a typical basket, or a
trader's bag of holding, or a druid's mule et cetera.

If argument 'all' is added, the search is executed recursively (ie. containers
within the container are included). This is not allowed if counting things 
present in the room.

  count images            - counts your mirror images (see spell)
  count sword             - counts swords in inventory
  count all swords        - counts swords in inventory, including in containers
  count sword in bag      - counts swords in a bag found either in your 
                            inventory or your environment
  count sword in room     - counts swords in your environment

See also 'i'.

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