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Newbie Guide: Help Communication

There are many ways upon Zombiemud to communicate with your
fellow players. Channels, tells, and says just to name a few.
Listed below is a very brief list of the most common methods
and how to use them.

  TELLS: Can be sent across the mud, and is seen only by the
  person or people intended as the target.
     Basic usage: tell mudder hi!
     Multitells:  tell mudder1,mudder2,mudder3 hi!
     History:     last tell
     Replies:     reply hiya!
     See also:    help tell, help emoteto
  SAYS: Can only be seen by those in the same room with you.
     Basic usage: say hi!
     Alternate:   'hi! (The ' mark replaces the command say)
     History:     last say
     See also:    help say, help sayto, help whisper, help
                  emote, help verbs
  CHANNELS: Channels are a method of mudwide communication.
  There are many active channels on ZombieMUD, and more can
  be created by any mortal.
     Basic usage: channelname hi!
     Verb usage:  channelname :smile
     Your List:   channels
     Full List:   channels list
     Joining:     on channelname
     Leaving:     off channelname
     Members:     channelname
     History:     last channelname
     See also:    help channels, help schan
  NOTE: If you are a new player and you have any questions
  about playing the game, no matter how silly, feel free to
  ask them on the 'newbie' channel, which will far more
  often than not provide you with a proper answer direct
  from your fellow ZombieMUDders.

See also 'tell', 'say', 'channels', 'schan', 'verbs', 'imud'

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