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Newbie Guide, Advanced - Commands and aliases 

You can create your own commands and aliases to ease your typing. 

Commands are used for replacing existing commands. You can for example 
create a command 'la' for 'look at'. Commands do not replace parameters 
passed for the command, so in this example 'la dog' would execute 
command 'look at dog'. 

See 'help command' for more detailed help. 

Aliases are meant for replacing words in arguments for commands. You can 
for example create an alias 'target' as 'goblin', and use the command 
'kill target' which in this case would issue 'kill goblin' instead. 

See 'help alias' for more detailed help. 

Combining the two examples above, you could now type 'la target' which 
would then issue the command 'look at goblin'. 

For the next chapter in this guide: 'help newbie quests' 

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