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Newbie Guide, Combat 

Combat means killing monsters. There are countless beings in the realm, 
ranging from the smallest worm to gods. Killing a worm does not yield 
much experience, nor does it bear any loot, and only takes a few 
seoncds. On the other end, slaying gods require full party of seasoned 
elite fighters, can take hours or fail alltogether, but bears great 

The Combat chapter is split into the following help files: 


'help killing': How to make damage and kill monsters 

'help chaining': How to chain commands 

'help looting': How to loot monsters 

'help corpses': What to do with corpses 

'help wimpy': What is 'wimpy' and how to set it 

'help death': What to do when you die 


Once you have read through this chapter, proceed to 'help parties' 

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