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Help Clans

Clans are little groups in which people can form. They have their 
advantages and disadvantages.  Any player who is in a clan can go out
and kill a person in another clan, no questions asked (by the wizards
that is), but beware for their clan might not like it and do the
same to thee.  
The Clan Room
In this room one can create a new clan for a small fee.
There is also a log of daily clan info posted on the wall
in the clan room. It shows the total ammount of kills
and deaths for each clan, and other various things like new clans
created, people joining / leaving clans and a list of who has killed
whom this boot.
The Clan Command
Type 'help clan' for info on what it does.
When killed by another player from a different clan, you really die and
lose exp like any normal death.  The killer does gain a bit of exp
per each kill but it isn't anything to make a living on.  The killer
also recieves the head of the victim which they can eat and soon
do other cool things with it.

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