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Cheating is (obviously) illegal. Don't do it. Punishment is usually banishment,
or worse, removal of your character from the game permanently.

If you happen to live in a castle that is owned by a cheater and the cheater's
castle is deleted you will end up losing your stuff.

Cheating can be defined as many things, and you damn well know when you are
cheating - playing dumb is not an excuse.

Cheating is unfair play. Cheating can be for example:

  * Abusing bugs.
    - Taking an advantage of an obvious bug is illegal. If you find a bug,
      report it immediately. Do not try to investigate how a possible bug
      works, let a wizard do it.

  * Not reporting bugs.
    - Not reporting bugs is illegal, as is straining stuff from wizards in
      exchange for your bug reports.

  * Crashing and lagging the mud.
    - Any kind of spamming is illegal, even if you do it for yourself, it
      can be considered illegal as it may slow down the mud.

  * Sharing characters.
    - Sharing characters is illegal. You may not give/lend/sell/trade your
      character to anyone. You may not also lend/buy/trade a character from
      someone else, which is quite obvious.

  * Multiplaying.
    - Playing two characters simultaneously is illegal. It is also illegal
      to have ANY kind of interaction between your characters. No shared
      money, castle, equipment, etc. This rule also includes guest characters.
      You may NOT have a second character to handle a dispute of an another
      character of yours (this also includes creating another characters to
      do something bad). Isolated violations of this rule will give the
      injured player a pk reason against your primary and secondary characters.
      Multiple violations of this rule may result in wizard intervention and
      punishment.  See 'help player wars'.
    - Going link dead and logging in a secondary character for the benefit of
      your party or for the benefit of a player currently associated to you
      in any way (for example, someone you are helping in a quest is considered
      associated to you) is multiplaying.
    - Using yours or someone else's newbie character to beat language
      quests for you.  Example:  Making a level 10 elf to help a friend
      translate an item using elven for a quest.  The language system was
      not made for you to make newbie characters.

  * Using a robot to play for you.
    - See 'help botting' for more info about this topic. Also idling in a
      room with aggressive monsters so that you can gain exp while being
      away is considered illegal.

  * Making monsters stop fighting back.
    - If it happens, it's a bug, do not take an advantage of it, report it

  * Duplicating equipment.
    - It is illegal, and anyone caught doing it will be severely punished.
      This also includes "free" money/exp, understandably.

  * Using scripts to make your playing easier while you are away.
    - You may not use any kind of scripts/triggers/whatever/bots to ease your
      playing when you are away. You may NOT have a script to do any things
      for you while you are away period. (This includes create money spells,
      make shuriken, soul merge, etc.)

  * Harassing
    - Harassing can be considered illegal in some cases. If you think you are
      being harassed and it has nothing to do with the mud, you may complain
      about it to an Archwizard.
  * Abusing Quit or similar commands
    - The purpose of quit is to remove your character from the game once you
      have finished playing for the day. If you only leave for a short period
      of time it is recommended to just go ld. You are not allowed to remove
      any negative effects on your character such as curses or banes by 
      quitting nor are you allowed to remove unwanted positive effects
      to obtain better ones (quitting+re-entering to get desired blessing).

  * Trading goods.
    - Trading goods (items, money, service, characters etc.) between ZombieMUD
      and other muds is forbidden. It is also illegal to trade ZombieMUD goods to
      real life goods (rl cash etc) and vice versa.
  * Cheating with bound items.
    - It is considered cheating to alter party composition at any point for the 
      sole purpose of allowing someone who did not really partake in killing the
      mob to bind with the item(s) made.
    - It is considered cheating to alter party composition at any point for the
      purpose of allowing someone who did partake in the killing of a mob (whether
      by taking, damaging, healing, protting or debuffing) to use an item that
      has been made unusable for other party members by use of the 'flash of
      power' spell.
Use your common sense when doing things. If you think it might be cheating,
don't do it. You can also ask from an Archwizard if something is cheating
or not.

You will be awarded for catching and reporting people that cheat. This
award will be given quietly, so that you are in no danger of revenge.

Partying with cheaters is also rather hazardous to your mudding career.

Turning YOURSELF in for cheating is also known to ease penalties, although
don't expect too much sympathy.

See also 'abusing triggers', 'rules'.

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